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  President Trump Criticizes Judges Considering Travel Ban  CSPAN  February 8, 2017 4:35pm-5:02pm EST

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our companion network, c-span2. we take you to charleston, west virginia, where governor jim justice will give the annual state of the state address. give the speech without a teleprompter. that is live at seven card p.m. here on c-span and earlier today, president trump talked about the court battle over his immigration executive order at a gathering of law enforcement officials in washington. let's take a look.
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announcer: ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [applause] thank you very much. this is great to be with you. people i truly feel comfortable with. please sit down. they will say i did not get a standing ovation because they never set down, and i say i got one standing ovation because they never set down, but i want to thank you all. i have great, great love for what you do and the way you do i am with the police chiefs and sheriffs of our country, and these are the big ones, the really big ones, i want to thank you very much, and i thought before i spoke about ah,,wyo
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they are interpreting things differently probably than 100% of the people in this room. is in dispute,t what is in question, and you will see this. suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by the president, ok, now this is not just me, this is obama, ronald reagan, for the president
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. this was done very importantly for security, something you people know more about than all of us. it was done for the security of our nation, the security of our citizens, so that people come in are not going to do us harm, and that is why it was done, and it could not have it in written any more precisely. it is not like oh, g, we wish it was written better. it is written beautifully, so just listen. here's what it says. whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens, ok, the entry, the entry of any aliensor of any class of , so any aliens, any class of aliens, into the united states, so the entry of people into the
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united states, let's say just to be precise, aliens into the , when states, so any time ever the president finds that the entry of any alien or any class of aliens, into the united states would be detrimental to the interests of the united , if i find as president that a person or group of people would be detrimental to the interests of the united states, and certainly there are lots of examples that we have, but you should not even have that necessarily, he may be, and he may by proclamation, and for as he shall deem necessary, and the only mistake as they should have said he or she, but hopefully it won't be
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she for another seven years. [applause] just noticed that exactly, i am saying this is not politically correct. it is correct, but not politically correct, the old days. he may by proclamation and for d as he shall deem necessary, so here it is, people entry of, suspend the all aliens, right? again, a bad high school student would understand this, anybody would understand this, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants were nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens , so you can suspend the aliens, right, suspend the aliens from coming in, very strong, or in toes on the entry of aliens any
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restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. ok. so you can suspend. you can put restrictions, you can do whatever you want, and this is for the security of the country, which again, you are the chiefs, the sheriffs, you understand this, and i listen to lawyers on both sides last night and they were talking about things that had nothing to do with it. i listened to a panel of judges, and i ommen certainly one judge, but i have to be honest that if these judges wand to inmy opinion help the court terms of respect for the court, what they should be doing. it is so sad, when you read
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something so simple and so beautifully written and so perfectly written, other than the one statement of course, having to do with he or she, but when you read something so perfectly written and so clear to anybody, and then you have lawyers, and i watched last night in amazement and i heard things i could not believe, things that really had nothing to do with what i just read, and i don't ever want to call a biased, and so-- i won't call it biased, and we have not had a decision yet, but the court seem to be so political and it would be so great for our justices if they would be able to read the statement and do what is right, and that has to do with the security of our country, which is so important. risk now, we are at because of what happened.
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general kelly is an extremely talented man and a very good man, now secretary kelly, homeland security. we are doiur joban authy,
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really believe that. [laughter] but, but, we need security in our country. we have to allow you folks to do your job you are great people, great people, great men and women, and we have to allow you to do your job, and we have to give you the weapons that you need, and this is a weapon you need, and they are trying to take it away from you, maybe because of politics or may be because of political views. we can't let that, let's get on to business, right? it is really something. thank you. [laughter]
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[applause] thanktrump: i want to senator hutchens and the chief for your leadership frankly, for the serofop of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you. [applause] there are many actions we in the federal
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government can take to help improve safety in your communities, but i b tha community safety begins with moral leadership. and they are entitled to an administration that has their back. [applause] pres. trump: the first to step in restoring public safety is affirming our confidence in the laws. and i am going to add, justices, judges to that category, and i am proud to have picked judge -- who will be an outstanding member of the supreme court, outstanding. [applause] pres. trump: so i would like to
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begin my remarks with a declaration delivered to all of you and delivered to every member of the law enforcement community all across the united states. my message today is that you have a true, true friend in the white house. you have. [applause] you. trump: i stand with i support our police. i support our sheriffs, and we support the men and women of law enforcement. [applause] right now, many communities in america are facing a public safety crisis. murders in 2015 experienced of their largest single year increase in nearly half a century. 2016, murders and largest cities continue to climb by double digits.
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in many of our biggest cities, 2016 brought an increase in the number of homicides, rapes, assaults, and shootings. in chicago, more than 4000 people were shot last year alone , and the rate so far this year has been even higher. what is going on in chicago? allow this to continue. we have allowed too many young lives to be claimed, and you see that coming you see that all over, claimed by gangs, and too many neighborhoods crippled by violence and fear. 60% of murder victims under the age of 22 are african-american. this is a national tragedy, and it requires national action. this violence must and, and we must all work together to end it. whether a child lives in detroit, chicago, baltimore or
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anywhere in our country, he or she has the right to grow up in safety and peace. no one in america should be punished because of the city where he or she is born. every child in america should be able to play outside without fear, walk home without danger, and attend a school without worried about drugs, gangs, or violence. so many lives and so many people have been cut short, their potential, their life has been cut short. so much potential has been sidelined, and so many dreams have been shattered and broken, totally broken. it is time to stop the drugs from pouring into our country, and by the way, we will do that, and i will say this, journal, now secretary kelly, will be the
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man to do it, and we will give him a wall, and it will be a real wall, and a lot of things well have been very positively for your cities, your states, believe me. the wall is getting designed right now. oh,ot of people say, oh, trump was only kidding with the wall. i don't kid. i don't kid. i watch this and they say i was kidding. i don't kid about things like that, i can tell you. we will have a wall. it will l a
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